Chantal is the most amazing healer and teacher I have ever met. Her deep compassion and profound wisdom allow her to tailor her teaching and healing to meet her students’ and clients’ needs. Chantal has the unique ability to demystify energy healing. This allows her students to integrate it in a very natural way into their lives – without any esoteric humbug. Chantal may not be the right healer or teacher for everyone, but if you like a straightforward no-nonsense approach with great results she is the one to turn to.

Beate Richter.

Hamburg, Germany

I have been following Chantal’s trainings and experiencing her treatments for 4 years now. I would have never been so fond of requesting her teachings and help on so many occasions without the seriousness she imparts in all her different works and the extremely pleasurable experience her training sessions can be: there is no attitude or mystic, “have to believe” approach, but a healthy, down to earth and fun way of teaching that all students have been enjoying, including the difficult types or diffident persons, who in the beginning made resistance and at the end of the trainings usually open up and even glow with a new approach of things. I am still always amazed by the power of her treatments and the accuracy of Chantal’s readings, and this goes against all my usual beliefs.

Marc Malki-Herrero.

Athens, Greece

There are a number of Reiki practitioners out there, but I’ve yet to meet one as energetically powerful and yet down-to-earth as Chantal. I first started seeing Chantal for Reiki treatments to remove stuck and negative energy, which she was able to do immediately during the actual session. She has this incredible intuitive ability to pinpoint the exact imbalances in my body, mind and spirit and use healing energy to shift them.

Having had such beneficial results from our Reiki treatments and enjoyed very much Chantal’s company, I went on to study Reiki level II, Advanced Reiki and Reiki Mastership with her; each experience was transforming and Chantal’s experience and knowledge literally shone through.
She is vibrant, warm and generous, truly embodying the spirit of Reiki and is a wonderful teacher to study under. I will always be so grateful to Chantal for answering any questions I have had about my Reiki practice, energy healing in general and in understanding how it can be optimally used today in modern life.

Dr. Gina Heatley

Holistic Healer at Seven Signs

Chantal is a professional, passionate and experienced Healer. She is highly skilled and trained Reiki practitioner: She always provides her utmost to heal with Reiki or teach Reiki to her students. Having studied Reiki with Chantal, I am happy to personally recommend Chantal Phillips to anyone willing to learn Reiki or be treated by Reiki

Bertrand Jubault

Hong Kong

Advanced Reiki Training (ART) with Chantal is even more powerful than I had expected. I’m amazed by her notes and admire her professionalism. How fortunate I am to have crossed paths with her! I enjoy practising the meditations she taught, especially the one using the Taoist microcosmic orbit. The four Antahkarana symbols are heart-stirring, unbelievable!! I’ll keep them with me from now on.”

Pauline Tang

Hong Kong