Create your most empowered life with this once-in-a-lifetime Reading

Know yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, your challenges and how to overcome them, through this once-in-a-lifetime reading.

Based upon the beliefs and teachings of First Nations traditions, each of the 52 animals included in the “Medicine Cards” used in this reading represent specific characteristics, personality traits, challenges, abilities, talents, and strategies for dealing with any issues or obstacles. It is believed that all of us have 9 totem animals that represent our “medicine”: the teaching and guidance that can be called upon in order to bring out the best in ourselves and our abilities, overcome problems, heal, transform, and grow.

During an Animal Totem reading, 9 cards are selected. Each one represents a specific animal and all of its traits, and each position in the card spread shows which area of life it applies to: how to create strategies and achieve goals, create harmony in your relationships, nurture your warrior-spirit, your spiritual path, recognising and healing your shadow-self, and more.

Because totem animals do not change during your lifetime, this type of reading is only done once. In addition to discovering your 9 totem animals and what they respresent for you, Chantal also gives plenty of extra advice and guidance in “getting to know” your totem animals, connecting more fully with them and what they represent. With her decades of experience as a healer, she also gives clear advice on how to use the “medicine” of totem animals to heal your shadow-self.

Readings last for one hour, and are recorded as an mp.3 for the client’s future reference. Following a reading, a beautifully-designed layout of the animal totem reading is emailed to each client.

Home and office visits can also be arranged, as well as online.

Chantal is also available for private, business and charity functions.

For appointments and enquiries, please use the form below, or contact (+852) 9501 0478.

You don't have to believe in Reiki
For it to have a deep effect on you.
You don't have to believe that fruit is delicious
In order to enjoy it.
But you'll have to take a bite first.

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