Space Clearing

Learn to cleanse all negative and stagnant energy from your home and workplace

Banish negative and stagnant energy, and fill your home and workplace with vibrant, positive energy!

Creating positive environments is an important part of everyday living. The energy in a room/space directly impacts the occupants in terms of mood, health, and energy levels. If you have walked into a room, house or office and felt immediate discomfort or unease, then you have intuitively recognised this.  Everyone has, at some point in their lives, experienced this feeling usually with the words “there’s just something I don’t like about that place/object/room”. Another sign that the energy in your work or living space isn’t beneficial is if you feel fatigued for no apparent reason. Some people or areas ‘attract’ negative energy, and Space Clearing techniques are also beneficial in these cases. 

For many people, Space Clearing is also an essential part of moving into a new home or office. Moving into a new space is a time of new beginnings and fresh opportunities. Why wouldn’t one want their space to be free from negative/stagnant energy left behind by previous tenants? Space Clearing can also be used when one is beginning a new phase of life. Examples of this include breaking old habits, starting a new business, or when one is experiencing times of change.

The Space Clearing course gives students the tools necessary to keep their living and work environments filled with abundant, positive energy.

The space clearing techniques taught in this course include multiple methods in each of the following:

  • How to assess the energy of a room/space/object
  • How to clear negative, stagnant or harmful energy
  • How to enhance and empower ‘clear’ environments
  • Space Clearing using sage, incense, or other sacred resins and woods
  • Space Clearing using sound
  • How to create a ‘Sacred Circle’ to protect and empower

Course duration:  Approximately 3 hours for private training (allow more time for larger groups of students) in-person or online.
Comprehensive manual is provided.

For appointments and enquiries, please use the form below, or contact (+852) 9501 0478.

You don't have to believe in Reiki
For it to have a deep effect on you.
You don't have to believe that fruit is delicious
In order to enjoy it.
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