Creating a positive environment is an important part of everyday living. The energy in a room or space directly impacts the occupants in terms of mood, health, and energy levels.

As many already know, Feng Shui is an established and recognised form of geomancy, dedicated in part to creating the clearest flow of energy (“chi”) within an individual’s living or working environment/space. The Space Clearing techniques utilised by Chantal recognise and employ similar techniques, concentrating on clearing residual energy from previous occupants, clearing out any areas of stagnant or negative energy, and improving the flow of energy in the environment.

Why should I think about Space Clearing?

If you have walked into a room, house or office and felt immediate discomfort or unease, then you have intuitively recognised this effect. Everyone has, at some point in their lives, experienced this feeling usually with the words “there’s just something I don’t like about that place/object/room”. Another sign that the energy in your work or living space isn’t beneficial is if you feel fatigued for no apparent reason.

For many people, Space Clearing is an essential part of moving into a new home or office. Moving into a new space is a time of new beginnings and fresh opportunities. Why wouldn’t one want their space to be free from negative/stagnant energy left behind by previous tenants?

Space Clearing can also be used when one is beginning a new phase of life. Examples of this include breaking old habits, starting a new business, or when one is experiencing times of change. Chantal’s expertise in this field ranges from recognising and removing residual energies, to enhancing and empowering ‘clear’ environments. She has also been teaching Space Clearing techniques for over 15 years.

Fee: HKD $1,500 (For larger locations, please enquire as to the fee)