Energy of the Five Elements

The energy of the Elements in your hands, anywhere and anytime

Activate the energy of the elements, anywhere and anytime

The Five Elements is a system of energy healing that allows the practitioner to access the energies of the elements to bring about healing and balance for oneself and for others. It works well by itself, as well as in combination with other healing systems such as Reiki.  Some students choose one or two energies to work with, while others prefer to have the “complete” system of five.  For example, a person who is experiencing indecision, instability or is accident-prone, would benefit from Earth energy (for the ‘grounding’ effect), whereas someone suffering from depression would benefit from the energy of Fire. 

Each element takes a half-day to learn (whether in-person or online), and upon completion of a course, students will be able to access and use the energy immediately.  There are no pre-requisites for learning the elements.  However, students must first learn the Earth element, as this energy can “ground” all of the other ones. 

The following is an explanation of the benefits to be gained from each of these energies. 

Mentally – Patience, perseverance, concentration, practicality, discipline
Emotionally – Stability, control over negative emotions, peacefulness
Physically – Grounding of ideas into the physical, material abundance
This element is also the one used for manifesting

Mentally – Receptivity, adaptability, imagination
Emotionally – Sensitivity, peace, tenderness, the ability to have harmonious emotional relationships
Physically – Relaxation, dissolving of worries and fears, developing a peaceful and magnetic personality

Mentally – Self-confidence, courage, leadership, self-reliance
Emotionally – Joyfulness, enthusiasm, optimism, the desire to help others
Physically – Increased vitality in all areas of life, good health, taking action, enhanced blood circulation
This element is also very effective in ‘burning away’ negative energy/attachments.

Mentally – Mental agility and versatility, flexibility of thought, enhanced analytical skills
Emotionally – Sympathy, subtlety, emotional independence
Physically – Extroversion, development of dexterity

Mentally – The power of synthesis
Emotionally – Love
Physically – Life force

A full and comprehensive manual that includes all material taught during the course, as well as full certification is provided upon completion of any of the elements.

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You don't have to believe in Reiki
For it to have a deep effect on you.
You don't have to believe that fruit is delicious
In order to enjoy it.
But you'll have to take a bite first.

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