A broad, if not limitless, range of physical/emotional/mental diseases and disharmony can be treated and/or healed. Healing sessions are normally conducted at Chantal’s healing space in Peng Chau, in a beautiful and tranquil location. Home or hospital visits can also be arranged, if required. A session typically lasts an average of 1.5 hours, during which time Chantal uses a combination of healing methods in order to produce the most effective results possible within the treatment.


Some people think of a healing session as a “last resort”, something to be tried when all other forms of treatments have failed. Meanwhile, others recognise that energy treatments are an effective method of attaining and maintaining optimum health. Whatever your state of mind/body/soul, you will find that a healing session will bring about improvements on all levels. However, the best and most rapid results are often achieved by having a healing session as early on as possible. Bear in mind that treatments in no way interfere with any other method of treatment (conventional or alternative). In fact, it is a superb enhancing/support method for other forms of treatment.

There are some who would like to try a healing treatment, but are put off by the idea of pseudo-spiritualism, or things getting too “New Age-y” as is sometimes the case with healing and alternative medicine. Be assured that the treatments are result-orientated, and we only enter the realms of the spiritual if the client wishes to do so.


During the course of a healing session, a combination of all or some of the following healing methods is used, depending upon the needs or preferences of the client: Reiki, Karuna Reiki™, Antahkarana, 5 Elements energies, Reiki psychic surgery and/or crystals.

During the consultation prior to the treatment, all methods to be used are fully explained to the client, as it is very important that they feel as comfortable and informed as possible. At the end of every session, Chantal gives a full “assessment” of the client’s state of health and well-being and gives practical advice as to what the client can do for him/herself in order to create a better state.