Since 1994, Chantal has had experience in successfully treating all sorts of animals: dogs, cats, horses, elephants, birds and many others. She has had a great love for animals all of her life, but it was her success in treating her dog with Reiki (shortly after learning Reiki 1 in 1994) that convinced her that Reiki was not “all in the mind”. Since that time, she has treated countless animal “clients”, shared many healing moments with them, and has included animal treatment in all of her Reiki 1 classes since 1997 (with some of her students going on to specialise in animal healing).

As she does with her human clients, at the end of every session Chantal will give a clear and full assessment of the animal’s state of health and well-being, with advice being given (where appropriate) as to what the animal’s caregiver can do to help.

Distant healing and group healing sessions are also available for animals.