For those with more serious or deep-rooted issues, the most effective approach is to have an intensive healing session that includes Reiki Psychic Surgery.

Reiki Psychic Surgery is a technique to remove deep-rooted blocks of negative/stagnant energy. These blockages are often the root-cause of disease and if not dealt with effectively can cause great anguish and instability. Such negativity can collect around individual organs and chakras, effectively strangulating their growth. Psychic surgery is a very effective way of dealing with these negative aspects of life, as well as alleviating/healing physical and emotional health problems.

Before you start imagining the weirdest, you should know that this form of psychic surgery differs from others in that it does not involve hands “digging around” inside the body; it is totally non-invasive and painless. The client lies still, as during a standard Reiki treatment, and is always free to ask questions or observe the process if they choose.

Chantal’s comments are: “Although psychic surgery is commonly considered ‘out there’, the reason I use it (and teach others how to practise it) is simple: it works. I have always had good results with it, and have successfully removed various energy blockages as well as dealing with growths, lumps, and cysts.”

As with any Reiki treatment, it is unnecessary to believe in Reiki psychic surgery in order for it to be effective. Furthermore, this type of treatment normally produces immediate results and in most cases, only one intensive treatment is required.