Reiki II is an advanced workshop that lasts for two days (or one full day for private tuition), and concentrates on distant healing, projection of the Reiki energy, effective mental and emotional healing and greatly increasing the effectiveness of one’s Reiki treatments. This course is wonderful for personal and spiritual development and has a dramatic effect on one’s progression. The single prerequisite for joining a Reiki II course is that the student is already a Reiki I practitioner.

During the Reiki II course, students are initiated into the three sacred symbols of the degree, which increases the power of the energy as well as allowing the practitioner to project the Reiki energy at a distance, resulting in a powerful form of distant healing. It should be noted that even if the student chooses not to use the symbols, their Reiki will still flow more powerfully than before.

The first symbol taught during the course is commonly referred to as the Power Symbol. Basically, its purpose is to greatly increase the strength of the Reiki energy being channelled by the practitioner. Beyond this, there are a multitude of other applications for the Power Symbol, including the most powerful form of psychic protection that we have found, all of which are taught during the course.

The second symbol is referred to as the Mental/Emotional Symbol. As one can guess from the name, it is used to strongly focus on the healing of mental and emotional issues for oneself and for others. For example, the practitioner would be able to effectively treat and heal depression, addictions, emotional trauma, and a whole range of other mental and emotional issues.

The third symbol is referred to as the Distance Symbol. It is used primarily whenever one wishes to send Reiki by distance. As each student is different, Chantal teaches 8 methods of sending Reiki by distance, so that each student can be sure to find at least one method that best suits their needs.

The Reiki II symbols can also be used in the following ways:

  • To empower people and situations

  • To create positive affirmations

  • To manifest abundance in all areas of life

  • Cleansing negative/stagnant energy from objects and rooms

One note about Reiki symbols: there are many variations of the Reiki II symbols which are now in use around the world. Chantal provides her students with the original Reiki II symbols, as Usui himself wrote them. Through experimentation with Reiki symbol variations, she has found that the original symbols tend to be the most powerful and effective. This isn’t to say that the other variations are wrong, but there are differences.

As with Reiki I, plenty of practise time is given during the Reiki II course, so that students are fully confident in using all of the many techniques taught during this course.

Comprehensive notes, as well as internationally-recognised certification is provided.