Chantal specialises in Tarot, but includes I-Ching and other divination cards in order to provide guidance as well as assist with transformation and healing. She has been using Tarot since her teens and has been doing Readings for others for more than 20 years.


The future is not fixed, yet how can we be confident that we are making the best possible decisions when at a crossroads? A Reading, using Tarot and other divination cards, is an excellent way to look at the issues at hand, how they arose, and to find the best way forward.

It is quite common for people to request a Reading dealing specifically with relationship or business issues, but there are also others who request a “general” Reading when their lives appear to be at a standstill. They want to know the answers to such questions as:

・Where am I going with my life?

・What is my life purpose?

・What is dragging me down, and how can I find a way forward?

・Why does it seem like all the doors are closed?

・Why do certain negative situations keep repeating themselves?

・How can I live my life with purpose and power?

All questions and issues can be dealt with clearly through a Reading with Chantal. The most usual approach is to start with a ‘general’ Reading that deals with the following areas:

Personal state, business, health, love, friendships, family, luck and what is unseen. This is then followed by card spreads dealing with specific areas that are of concern to the questioner. If one area of life is out of balance, it will cause problems in other areas, which is why it is useful to start with a “general” reading so that a complete overview of the questioner’s life is seen clearly.

Though most people request a reading when they are facing difficult decisions, there are also those who just want to try a reading for fun or curiosity. Either way, all questions asked during the reading will be answered as fully as possible, with Chantal using her clairsentient and intuitive abilities combined with card interpretation.

In her own words, Chantal says: “Some people ask me whether or not I will tell a questioner if something negative is going to happen. When giving a Reading, I do not hold back any information. If I do see something negative in the future, I feel that it is very important to tell the questioner, so that they may prepare for it, or avoid it completely. There are also times when I do not tell the questioner what they hope to hear, but I believe in being as honest as possible. After all, people come to me for clarity and non-biased advice. People also need to understand that the power to change their lives exists within themselves…I show them the door, but they must be the ones to choose to walk through it.”

Though all Readings with Chantal involve the use of Tarot cards, she also incorporates other methods into the Reading, when appropriate (or when requested).

Tarot shows different aspects in the past and present, and challenges awaiting you in the future. It guides you in preparing for the future in how to choose the correct actions and mind-set to achieve true happiness and fulfilment in life.

I Ching (ancient Chinese divination), which is a superb medium of problem solving.

Animal Totem Cards reveal your true self, potential and qualities through discovering what your totem (or guardian) animals are. No totem animals are purely good or bad, just two sides of the same coin. But knowing your totem animals allows you to walk the path of life with heart, grace and power.

Soul Cards (intuitive cards)

Other cards to assist with guidance, transformation and healing

A tarot reading with Chantal provides real solutions for real issues. One of the things that she enjoys hearing most from a client after a reading are the words “That was the most down-to-earth reading I have ever had!” She does not do “channelling”, nor does she practise “mediumship”, she leaves this approach to others.

Readings last for one hour, cost HKD $900 and are recorded as an mp.3 for the client’s future reference. Home and office visits can also be arranged, as well as Readings by telephone and Skype.

Chantal is also available for private, business and charity functions.

Bookings can be made through this website, or by calling her on (+852) 9501 0478.