Crystals are more than just beautiful stones from the Earth; they each possess different energetic qualities that can be used for healing, meditation, enhancing the energy of a location and many other purposes. However, it can be difficult to know how to choose and use the best Power Stones for oneself or others. This course on Power Stones gives the student information and techniques to enable them to feel comfortable and confident immediately in selecting and using crystals to enhance many areas of life. This course is open to everyone, regardless of experience or ability*, includes clear and detailed notes and students will learn the following:

・How to choose crystals for yourself and others

・Cleansing, programming and charging crystals

・Using crystals for healing

・Using crystals for psychic protection

・Creating crystal grids to energise and empower the home, office etc.

・Using crystals to assist/enhance meditation

・Course duration: Approximately 3 hours (allow more time for larger groups of students)

*For more experienced students, advanced techniques can be taught, but in this case it is better to book a private course.